Ideas To Action Group

The PREA Think Tank or Ideas To Action(I2A) Group is comprised of regional business leaders who work together in groups to identify and make recommendations on issues that are important to the region's economy. They are the architects of PREA's regional goals and provide the guidance and mission for PREA.  thnk tankThe groups meet for a three-month period of intensive analysis and work with a minimum of 4 groups meeting per year. I2A meetings take place in our PREA offices. Group members represent the entire region.

I2A Groups examine trends, work with SWOT analysis, use industry experience and connections and tools provided by PREA to identify, analyze and prepare a recommendation on a given issue. From that idea, they create working projects utilizing all of the group's contacts and regional collateral. 

These recommendations and projects are forwarded to PREA for whatever action is indicated. Group members continue to shepherd critical elements of the project as appropriate.

(I2A) members are nominated by existing partners and are grouped according to geography, discipline and other factors critical to making an effective working group.

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