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The PREA CORPS is a program designed to assist both businesses looking to relocate in our region and those seeking to captialize on new opportunities or adapt to changing circumstances. It is comprised of experienced business executives and professionals who offer assistance to businesses in need of guidance or help. The program is an effective tool for addressing business retention, expansion or relocation issues.

Whether it is funding sources, real-estate acquisition, human resources, expanding your regional or public profile, help with understanding our market, introductions, arranging public involvement or championing your cause, we will match you with a group of professionals eager to assist you.

The service is at no cost to you. We are here to listen and work with you to achieve success for your company in our region. Your success is our success!

Does your business qualify?

If yes to both, contact us at (772) 245-0336.

Join the PREA CORPS!

Get involved in your region's future while building your network of business alliances - contact us at (772) 245-0336.